Château Fleur Haut Gaussens

Château Fleur Haut Gaussens - An hiden treasure FULL NEWS


Sometimes a wine's story can captivate you as much as the taste of the wine does. That is the case with Château Fleur Haut Gaussens – Bordeaux Supérieur.

The story of the château starts in 1941 but it is in 1997 when the fourth generation takes over that it all becomes really fascinating.

When Hervé Lhuillier takes over, the estate only produces bulk wine.

Meticulous, creative, passionate and with a vision “d’avant-garde”, Hervé’s vision is clear: turn the estate around by building a strong brand, hallmark of tradition and modernism.

“I’ve spent the last ten years completely transforming the estate it into a premium namesake winery. Since my parents moved here in 1941, we have acquired 30 ha of prime vineyards, all south facing and planted on an exceptional limestone terroir, giving complex flavors. We’re proud to say that we managed our vineyards in the same manner as a Grand Cru. Each parcel is treated as a unique individual.”

On the top of the care taken into the vineyard, come the investments made in the winery.

The winery crafts small vats of individual, distinctive parcel and focuses on making wines that are true to their terroir. New thermo regulated stainless steel tanks combined with years of know-how contributes to the production of a wine of great quality and exceptional consistency.

The usual merlot, cabernet blend will be from 2013 vintage, complemented by some Malbec to bring even more softness and depth to the wines. Again, focusing on innovation and personality is the key.

The winemaking team is an eccentric act that works well together. Owner Hervé Lhuillier and exuberant, less conventional winemaker Olivier Dauga have been working together for over 10 years. Constantly looking for an even better quality, the fusion of those 2 great minds results in a wine packed with personality, a step up in quality from “regular” Bordeaux.

Another aspect of this -over was the packaging. When Hervè Lhuillier created the packaging in 2000, he wanted to give a strong message of class and reassurance but with a modern twist whilst creating a packaging that will not fade in time. And it worked. Indeed the label today is still appealing, very trendy and chic.

And finally there are the château itself. An old building, reflecting years of labour is currently being renovated to demonstrate that Bordeaux can combine old and new. A traditional Maison Bordelaise mix of old stones, “oeil de boeuf” and oak doors harmoniously seamed with brand new modern material will dress the storage and oak barrel cellar as well as the new tasting room and offices.

Choose your fascination: the meticulous canopy management, the innovative winemaking, the unusual winemaking team, the quest for quality, the modern packaging or the architectural renovation, whatever appeals to you about the story of this wine, the quality of the wine itself will validate it.

Well established in France and Belgium and the estate has so much to offer to the export market: decent stock of great vintages covered with gold medals!

With a strong reputation, an array of medals and favourite of the French Press, Hervé has accomplished his mission: Château Fleur Haut Gaussens has become a strong brand, hallmark of tradition and modernism.

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