Les Vins de Lisennes

Château de Lisennes has 2 new wines!

Long-time pioneer of sustainable development, Château de Lisennes has been practicing reasoned agriculture for the past 20 years. In November 2009, our efforts were recognised with a double certification: Terra Vitis and Sustainable Agriculture.

It’s only natural therefore that we decided to go a step further in our commitment to the environment and to our clients, with the dedication of 7 hectares of our vineyard to organic viticulture. As a result we no longer use any herbicides or chemical or synthetic products on those 7 hectares, planted with Merlot. Thanks to a return to our ancestors’ methods, weeds are controlled by a “four sided” method (ploughing the soil then re-ploughing, twice a year). In addition, disease, fungi and insects are dealt with using only the “Bouillie Borderlaise”.

The organic cultivation of these vines for the past three years has allowed us to produce, with 2011 as the first vintage, two particularly special wines.

The wines, crafted from organic grapes that require labour-intensive care (even at the weekend!), are characterised by a purity and an unmatched fruit quality.

First we have a rosé wine, pristine and pale in colour. Lively yet delicate, serve it cold as a refreshing aperitif, but also throughout a summer meal.

Alongside the rosé is a red wine, with a vibrant ruby red hue. You can enjoy this round and generous wine with grilled meats and hard cheeses.