Castellani Spa - Tenuta di Ceppaiano - Tuscany - Italy

The Ceppaiano Estate was born in 2005. Initially conceived as an extension of the Poggio al Casone vineyards and location of the new winery, it afterwards becomes an independent estate as a result of subsequent land acquisitions that differ from those of Poggio al Casone for the prevalence of alluvial sands arranged on foothill heights overlooking the coast. In 2010 the Ceppaiano estate became set of the Castellani Family Foundation dedicated to art and culture and place of preservation of a contemporary art collection. The vineyard stretches over 40 hectares on a strip of land located between the hills and the coastal plain that sees the presence of some of the best vineyards in the area. This exact location at the extreme western edge of Chianti area is at the origin of the wine project of the estate, which tries to reconcile the tradition of Chianti, linked with the Sangiovese grapes, with wine innovation that has seen in the coast and International varieties the true revolution of Tuscan oenology from the '70s until today. The labels of the estate have been created with the help of the works of art housed in the Ceppaiano Villa, headquarter of the winery and the Foundation.

"Ceppaiano wines are Bibendum’s joint venture with Castellani, and this is a very personal project for Piergiorgio. The new Ceppaiano building is a work of art itself and will house a permanent collection of paintings and sculture. The Ceppaiano wines are juicy, luscious and mouthwatering, Ceppaiano 2007 - WOW!" Bibendum Times

"One of the most exciting new Italian wine project of the moment" Decanter


PRODUCTION: 370.000 bottles

SOIL: sandy, clayey

RED GRAPE VARIETIES: 50% Sangiovese ,40%Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot, 5% others

WHITE GRAPE VARIETIES: 70% Traminer aromatico, 20% trebbiano, 10% others

FIRST WINE: "Violetta" Toscana IGT


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