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Candoni's painted bottles - The Serigraphy

Candoni - Serigraphy - Etruscan

Candoni Etruscan Collection's painted bottles feature a unique piece of artwork, silk-screened directly onto the glass using a technique known as serigraphy. This form of art involves stenciling blocks of ceramic glaze colors onto the surface of the bottles through a woven mesh. The glazes build up to create the reproductions of Etruscan fresco paintings, which are then subjected to heat treatments that render the colors indelible.

The Etruscan JOY OF LIVING is the inspiration behind this collection’s outstanding wine packaging.

The richest source of information regarding the Etruscan way of life is their paintings, with most examples coming from excavated vaults. Typically in bright colors and a vigorous, animated style, these frescoes depict activities from the daily life and mythology of the Etruscans. Scenes of feasting, dancing, swimming, fishing, and playing depict confident people who enjoyed life to the fullest. They even portrayed themselves in a joyous and festive manner after death.

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