Asociación Ribeiros do Avia


Thirty years ago, the Carreiro family, started the recovery of this Wine Reserve, the oldest one in the Iberian Peninsula, which is located in the banks of the Avia River. Cistercian monks established here the first wine growing farm in the 10th century. This way, nowadays the Carreiros family were able, by combining modern technologies and tradition, to recover the prestige that Ribeiro wines already had in the past.

They started their grape variety recovery labour in the vineyard called O Figueiral, nowadays they own 27 hectares of vineyards distributed in different locations of the river banks, chosen according to their orientation and soil composition.

They apply a high plantation density, ranging from 5.000 to 7.000 plants per hectare, with a rather low production per vine of around 1k of red grapes and 1.5k of white. This way they favour the competiveness of each plant and a quercetin ripening. Their working policy is soil orientated, so every variety is grown in a different vineyard depending on its soil composition.

Coto de Gomariz is considered one of the most modern and avant-garde wineries in Galicia, both because of its technology and the quality of the wines they produce.

They elaborate young white wines, high expression and long vintages in oak casks as well as cask fermented wines.

They all are personal wines that express the complexity of each vineyard owned by Coto de Gomariz.

They all are robust and delicate wines, gathering both structure and elegance. Young wines are silky and of dense texture in the mouth with sharp ripen fruit flavours, harmony in the toasting, tannins and passarillage in the cask fermented wines; which turn into black fruit and quercetin exaltation of colour and ripen tannins in the red vintages.

In order to preserve quality, the best grape selection and the elaboration control, at Coto de Gomariz, they have decided not to exceed the production of 200.000 bottles per year.