Azienda Agricola TOMASELLA


Tenute Tomasella received in 2012 many awards for the still red and white wines but a very special recognition has been given to the unique rosè sparkling wine with name „Osè“ – “VINO TOP 100 Italy” FROM ITALY – through famous journalists from Piemonte Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, also known through their „Club Papillon“ and the food and wine directory GOLOSARIO. Our white wines won Gold and Silver medals at the tastings from Gilbert & Gaillard, the Friulano Doc Friuli Grave 2011 has been again selected as one of the TOP Friulano of the year by Ian d’Agata and our Merlot Le Bastìe got the 2 glasses from the Gambero Rosso – these were the highlights of the year. The great success of our sparkling wines Prosecco Spumante extra dry Doc Treviso, Rigole Spumante brut and Osè rose Spumante demi-sec motivated us to produce our first bottle fermented sparkling wine, made of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay vinificated separately, assembled to perfection with a long contact with the fine yiest. We are very proud to present you this highest expression of enologic art this year in spring, to be followed.