Casa Vinicola Luigi Cecchi & Figli S.r.l.


This wine is the fruit of our knowledge, emotion, thought and desire. It represents the synthesis of our past, memory of our tradition, witness of our territory, reference for the present and, above all, for the future.
The philosophy from which it is born is clear and simple: the highest possible quality for every year. We started with the concept of contemporaneity because we wanted to express quality the way it has to be today. Organoleptic quality, modern taste and culture are dynamic elements that evolve and change in time, thanks to man. This is why the combination of grapes used to make COEVO can vary from year to year, always, however, maintaining the same basic element that links our family to the area, the Sangiovese.
COEVO is the fruit of work which has required our deep commitment and which we have pursued proudly and passionately for many years, with the aim of creating a wine that tells of the territory and expresses the timeless wisdom of the land and nature. It is this concept that generates the philosophy of our project, expressed on the label with a famous passage by St. Augustine, graphically stylised in the form of an hourglass.