Champagne AR Lenoble


Our brand new A.R Lenoble Rosé, ‘Terroirs Chouilly & Bisseuil’ …

Our Cuvée Rosé has become one of the benchmark Rosés thanks to its unique personality, the secret of which lies in its blend of around 90% Chardonnay Grand Cru and 10% red wine made with Pinot Noir Premier Cru.
This unique blend offers a rare balance between the power of the red-fruit aromas and its finesse and elegance on the palate. This cuvée’s aromatic palette is boundless, while the finish is clear and straight. A dosage reduced to the very minimum (3 to 4 g/l) further enhances the impression of freshness in the finish.
Producing a vintaged rosé heavily penalises our stocks and hence our sales, as the harvest quality is never in phase with market demand. This is why we have decided to market a Rosé Terroirs from now on, no longer bearing the imprint of a particular year but rather that of the Terroirs it comes from: Chouilly, Grand Cru from the famous Côte des Blancs, and Bisseuil, Premier Cru from the Montagne de Reims. These are two exceptional Terroirs that make our Rosé so distinctive and so successful.
This decision was governed by the sole objective of maintaining our quality level whilst stabilising our stocks, and allows us to include in our blends some of our many rich and varied reserve wines. This is a luxury that was not possible with the Millésime. The contribution of the Grand Cru chardonnays matured a few years ago (some of them in casks) is a real asset when it comes to crafting a Rosé which has to be regular in style and offer a balance between aromatic power and freshness on the palate.
From a purely commercial viewpoint this decision will allow us to be more flexible in our management of ever-increasing demand, and thus to respect your commitments to you.
We also enclose the visuals for this new Cuvée, the label of which demonstrates the twofold affiliation of this champagne: Terroirs from Chouilly Grand Cru & Bisseuil Premier Cru.