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Brazilian wines take part in ProWein for the 5th consecutive time

Main show in the largest wine importing market in the world will have the participation of ten Brazilian wineries at the end of March

Ten Brazilian wineries will take part in ProWein 2009, from March 29 to 31, in Düsseldorf, Germany, the largest wine importing market in the world and the 4th in wine consumption. Casa Valduga, Miolo, Aurora, Salton, Lidio Carraro, Boscato, Garibaldi, Lovara and Cordilheira de Sant’ana are part of the Sectorial Project Wines from Brazil (WFB), organized by the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin), present for the 5th consecutive time at the show, which is in its 16th edition. “As Germany is among the main markets in the world, it is extremely important to participate in ProWein, mainly to show the consistency and the growing evolution of the Brazilian wine quality”, states the Export Manager of WFB, Andreia Gentilini Milan. The Brazilian participation is supported by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

Persistence has shown practical results: From 2007 to 2008, Germany went from 7th to 5th main destination of Brazilian wine and sparkling wine destination. Regarding trade relationships with Germany the volume growth totaled 120%, with sales going from 123 thousand liters in 2007 to 271.1 liters last year. The financial return has also been significant, with an increase of 81.6%. Brazilian exports accounted for US$ 248.2 thousand in 2007 and US$ 450.9 thousand in 2008. “There is a trend for a continuous growth” says Andreia.

After having invested for four years in the German market, the show this year must bring better results for Brazilian wineries. “The ten companies exhibiting at ProWein have importers for Germany, making it easier to export”, points out Andreia, adding that, of all alcoholic drinks, the consumption of wine was the only one that has not fallen in recent years in a country that is traditionally known as the cradle of beer-brewing. “Brazilian wine is authentic, young and focused on people that look for a more joyful way of life and are eager to have new experiences”, she says.

To check this description, Andreia informs that there will be two tasting events of Brazilian products in the booth of WFB at ProWein. These ten Brazilian wineries will receive eight specialized journalists on Sunday (29th) and on Monday (30th), starting at 1 pm. Last year, the show was attended by 33 thousand visitors from 50 countries, including 787 journalists from around the world. There were 3,160 exhibitors from 45 nations. “The most important characteristic is its visitors’ profile: 83% are involved with purchase decisions made in their companies”, says the Export Manager of WFB.


- The largest country in Latin America and fifth largest producer in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil is a true representative of the countries that are part of the so called New World of wine, but with singular characteristics that make it different from products made in any other nation. Brazilian wines and sparkling wines, in general terms, are light, fresh and fruity.

- Despite its youth in comparison with the historical producing regions in the European Continent, the Brazilian winegrowing industry has had great development in terms of technological innovation and grapevine handling in the last 15 years.

- Constant investments are made in the 88 thousand hectares used for grape growing in Brazil, distributed in six main regions: Serra Gaucha accounting for 90% of the production (including the Geographical Indication – G.I. – Vale dos Vinhedos), Campanha, Serra do Sudeste and Campos de Cima da Serra, in Rio Grande do Sul; Planalto Catarinense, in Santa Catarina, and Vale do São Francisco, in northeastern Brazil.

- Grapes with excellent quality are harvested in each crop, resulting in products that have received more than 1,800 international awards. Sparkling wines made in Serra Gaucha are widely known for their lightness and freshness, and several red and white wines, for their complexity and diversity found between the traditional parallels 28° and 32° in the South and Vale do São Francisco (between 8° and 9°), the largest grapevine region near Equator, with two annual harvests.

For more information www.winesfrombrazil.com.br.

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