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Brazil at ProWein 2010

Brazil: The fifth largest producer of wines in the southern hemisphere develops from exotic newcomer to trendsetter and achieves increasing international recognition. 12 producers take part in ProWein 2010 in order to present their very special viniculture.

At this year’s ProWein Brazilian producers present a selection of their top-quality wines for the 6th time. The exhibitor’s list contains - as last year - the vineries Casa Valduga, Miolo, Aurora, Salton, Lidio Carraro, Lovara und Vinibrasil. New aboard are the producers Irmãos Basso, Panceri, Piagentini, Pizzato und Campos de Cima.

All exhibiting companies are members of the export association “Wines from BRAZIL” (WFB), set up by the Brazilian umbrella organisation IBRAVIN (Instituto Brasileiro do Vinho) with support of APEX-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, in 2002. Over this period, 39 wine manufacturers joined the Wines from BRAZIL initiative.

Nowadays, more than 90 % of the total Brazilian wine exports (fine Wines) go back to the members of the WFB-initiative.

Germany belongs to the eight key-markets

With imports of 231.796 litres of fine wine from Brazil (US$ 423) Germany is the fourth largest trade partner. Exports by WFB-members accounted 142 thousand litres (61.5 %) or US$ 387 thousand (87 %). Andreia Gentilini Milan, Export Manager of WFB, states: “As Germany is among the main markets in the world, ProWein is extremely important for us, in order to demonstrate the consistency and the evolution of the Brazilian wine quality. Further, we aim to extend our importers or distributor’s net in Germany.”
Today, most of business partners in Germany are specialized wine importers; non-specialized trade partners, gastronomy and hotels shall also become interested in wines from the southern hemisphere.

Wines from Brazil

The huge variety of Brazilian wines results from very special climatically conditions and the difference between the several wine regions.
Brazil is a true representative of the countries that are part of the so called New New World of wine, but with singular characteristics that make it different from products made in any other nation. Brazilian wines and sparkling wines, in general terms, are light, fresh, fruity and with relatively low content of alcohol. There are 1.162 companies cultivating around 82,000 hectares for grape growing.
Around 90 % of the production comes from the state Rio Grande de Sol in the South of Brazil. The total Brazilian wine production counts around 3.3 Mio. hectolitres.

“Wines from BRAZIL” at ProWein, from 21st to 23rd March 2010, daily from 9 am to 6 pm, Hall 6, Stand L 21.


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