ROBLES BIO Bodegas Robles S.A.

Bodegas Robles, Pioneer Spanish winery measures CO2 emissions of PX Piedra Luenga Bio wine.

Bodegas Robles, under DO Montilla Moriles, has just become the first and only Spanish bodega to measure the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, generated by the production of its organic wine, ‘P.X. Piedra Luenga Bio’, thanks to a project launched by the Andalusian Association of Organic Product Companies (EPEA), to which the bodega belongs. The aim is to measure and verify the so-called carbon footprint of agri-food products, in other words, the total amount of greenhouse effect gases produced throughout the product’s life-cycle, from buying the raw material to waste management.

The objective of this initiative is to be able to rely on a valid and certified mechanism which will provide both producers and consumers with the information they need to assess the contribution made by certain products to global warming reduction. With this new piece of equipment, Bodegas Robles will be able to identify its carbon footprint, thereby fulfilling its commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions. The new tool has been implemented already in three chosen pilot products: extra virgin olive oil, Pedro Ximénez wine, and cherry tomatoes.

This is a pioneer initiative in Spain, being the first time an emissions measurement tool has been adapted to a specific sector, in this case, the agri-food sector. The project is driven by EPEA, with the technical help of AFHA Consultores and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), who have developed the calculation and verification methods for the results, and is backed by the Andalusian Regional Government.