Bodegas Hidalgo - La Gitana

Bodegas Hidalgo – LA GITANA introduces the first and only Organic Sherry Vinegar: BIO MOLINO REAL.

Bodegas Hidalgo – LA GITANA, one of the oldest wineries of the Sherry district and producer of Manzanilla LA GITANA, has recently launched the world’s first and only Organic Sherry Vinegar.
Bio Molino Real is made from grapes from the PLANTALINA vineyard – certified by the official Andalusian organic association ‘CAAE’ as an Organic vineyard, using Palomino Fino. These grapes, have been cultivated carefully and following the permitted methods for organic agriculture. The vineyard is situated in one of the best areas of the Jerez Superior District and therefore the grapes are of superior quality, fulfilling all the quality requirements of Bodegas Hidalgo – La Gitana.
The grape harvest, pressing and fermentation processes are carried out under optimum hygienic-sanitary conditions. The Solera Sherry Vinegar Bio Molino Real, is made first by a controlled fermentation to make the young white wine which is then converted into Vinegar.
Using the Solera system the vinegar is aged for more than 12 months in butts of American oak. Its colour, aromas and flavours are the result of this ageing period in oak, giving Bio Molino Real its well-balanced aroma.
Bio Molino Real is bright hazelnut in colour, with a persistent and penetrating acetic aroma. Its flavour is intense, dry and acidic with a complex and long finish. Ideal for sauces and vinaigrettes. It is the ideal dressing for typical Mediterranean food, especially salads and gazpacho.