Bodegas La Purisima


This is the fourth consecutive year that the Govern of the Region of Murcia subsidize to put spread mechanism of pheromones for the control of the moth of the cluster or Lobesia Botrana.

In BODEGAS LA PURISIMA and thank to the collaboration of our associates we can say that the 90% of our vineyards are cover under the pheromones system. This is more than 2.800 ha cleaned with this method. Besides, we must to emphasize the work of our technicians that check and control the evolution of the plague and the efficient of the spread mechanism of pheromones.

The use of spread mechanism of sexual confusion (disorder) consist in the utilization of the synthetic pheromone of the insect female in a gear of porous plastic that let to exit progressively the pheromones during all the cycle of the vine, exhaling the gas from the flowering to the maturity. The pheromones volatilize for all the parcel and the male insect find this substance that misunderstand and avoid that can find to the real female.

Also, we have in our favour that our most important variety, the Monastrell finds against this plague (Lobesia Botrana), its principal enemy, a total control with the use of pheromones.

In relation with the funguses, this variety, the Monastrell is not sensible to them, so with this system of pheromones we have solved the principal problem of this variety and we are glad that our vineyards give to response to an traditional and almost organic cultivation of the grapes producing one of the most clean and healthy wines of the world.