Cooperativa Vinicola Aurora Ltda.

Aurora Winey launches Aurora Pinot Noir - GI Pinto Bandeira, Vintage 2012

Aurora Winery introduces in the market the wine Aurora Pinot Noir Pinto Bandeira 2012, its second wine with Geographical Indication, in the Pinto Bandeira terroir, Vinhos de Montanha Region , the second delimited region in Brazil that conquered the Geographical Indication.
The wine has the most legitimate expression of this terroir, considered the best of the country for the growth of this variety, besides Chardonnay and Riesling, much used in the elaboration of sparkling wines. At 730 meters above sea level, the region was chosen by Aurora to cultivate grapes designated to the production of high quality wines.

Aurora Pinot Noir Pinto Bandeira 2012 presents a beautiful purple color, red fruits aroma with floral touches and a certain complexity with earthy notes, anise, spices and ripe figs. With very gentle tannins, it has good acidity and elegant body. The black pepper’s aftertaste notes stands out, giving it a delicious persistence. This wine can be perfectly paired with funghi dishes, dark poultry meat, pork cuts, veal and some soft beaf cuts, plus a wide range of medium aged cheeses.