Astoria Vini

Astoria Lounge Fashion Victim

'Lounge' is the motherly space, a place for meditation and to meet people. It is a place where new communication techniques harmoniously mix up with a physical and psycological state of absolute relaxation. 'Lounge' is therefor not only elegant idleness but also the warmth that art, design and music bring to the spirit through mind and body. When wellness is a status, people long for the best way to attain it in order to strike a balance between them and their vital space. Lights and shapes blend in the contact with a friendly hand, while the soft sound of music prepares your smell to catch the aromatic nuances concealed in a precious glass of wine. And if the taste is that of 'Astoria Lounge', the senses are delighted by the metaphysical energy created by the atmosphere. However, the ambience is marked by ongoing research because it anticipates trends and sets a new one, whose essence is its uniqueness and the choice of tastes. Something special. Unique.
Astoria Lounge 'Cuvee Fashion Victim' results from self-irony of an absolute but Quality-Orientated style. Being glamorous while smiling of ourselves and finding a peaceful inner value that stimulates us to the pleasure of fine food. The mixed varieties are Prosecco of Conegliano Valdobbiadene 90% and Chardonnay 10%. Let's toast to the top quality wine and teh trendiest image! IT'S FASHION VICTIM!