Ryst Dupeyron SARL Chateau Cugnac

Armagnac 1979 Cask Finish Sauternes

Following the purest tradition, Armagnac Dupeyron have matured in our cellar,
in oak barrel. The RYST DUPEYRON family has been maintaining the traditions of this fine
scented spirit for over five generations now.
Armagnac Dupeyron is known for their fruity and roundness taste but also for their oldness
and large choice of vintage Armagnac from the XXth century and even the XIXth century.
Entering the 3rd millennium, Armagnac Dupeyron continues to innovate with a focus on
quality and tradition. It recently broadened its vintage portfolio by developing the first
Armagnac with a final cask Sauternes, called “Cask Finish”.
The family “manager-owner” of Armagnac Dupeyron, Jacques-François Ryst, has grown the
vintage Armagnac 1979, a 30 old vintage that spent its youth in an oak barrel. In spite of its
already extraordinary qualities, Jacques-François Ryst sought to develop additional flavors
by transferring the Armagnac to a Premier Grand Cru classé Sauternes barrel for an additional
six months of ageing.
The results are astounding with the finish giving a divine aromatic complexity.
A puzzle for connoisseurs in a blind tasting, this Armagnac is a light golden colour with
a bouquet of candied fruits that give way to citrus aromas and chamomile.
In the mouth, the fruit leads to floral fragrances and spicy notes with a long finish.