Cupertinum - Cantina Sociale Cooperativa di Copertino

All 2014 Awards to Cupertinum Wines

An extremely positive assessment comes from 2014 Wines Guides:

I VINI D’ITALIA / L’ESPRESSO has no hesitation to put Cupertinum Winery among the best wineries in Italy. It's not a joke! The Cupertinum Riserva 2007 is among the Excellent Wines from Italy, receiving the 5 bottles symbol  ( "wines that have thrilled us more than others") and a stellar score of 18/20. Such the statement of the editors of the Guide : "all the old charm of Negroamaro can be found here,  despite it may sound rhetorical, you can feel the red soil dried by the sun, the sea breeze and the trees reshaped by the wind. In other words: a sip of terroir."

But this historical winery has been also rewarded with "4 Bottles " for its very high level Copertino Doc 2009 and Negroamaro 2010, and also with notes about its other wines. Such success comes from the serious commitment undertaken by Cupertinum for reaching the highest level of quality and accountability; for this reason Cupertinum Winery has been evaluated with a "Star" for " its high-level quality, its representativess of the territory, the presence of its style, defined, recognizable and stable over time."

Last but not least, Copertino Riserva and Negroamaro are also included among the 10 best wines from Apuglia for its excellent price/quality rate;

VINIBUONI D’ITALIA. Touring Club's Guide, led by Luigi Cremona and Mario Busso, the Copertino Doc "is a wine not to be missed ! With more complex scents ...  from tobacco to undergrowth, from leather to sweet balms. The taste is fresh, balsamic, with perfect tannins. The finish is long and soft ";

I VINI DI VERONELLI: Daniel Thomases and Gigi Brozzoni assign Two Stars to Settantacinque Riserva Copertino Doc and a Star to the whole array of  Cupertinum wines;
SLOW WINE. The SlowFood Wine Guide, in the page dedicated to Cupertinum Winery, writes that " with nearly 80 years of history behind, it is an important part of rural, viticultural and economic history of the entire Salento. In fact, the Copertino Doc was born thanks to the passion and commitment of Winery's members and directors." "The technical management is entrusted to the brilliant  Giuseppe Pizzolante Leuzzi ." " The wines represent the uniqueness of the area and are characterized by a good balance between quality and price." Special highlighting for : Copertino Doc Riserva 2007 , Copertino Doc 2010, IGT Salento Negroamaro 2010, Spinello dei Facolni Rosato 2012, Glikòs Passito2012, Cigliano Bianco 2012;
ANNUARIO DE MIGLIORI VINI D’ITALIA, edited by Luca Maroni, shows enthusiasm first for Glikòs Passito "... with superior quality and embracing softness. A great wine from excellent vine qualities ..." and appreciates the "substantial qualitative growth " of the whole range of wines from the" wine executive beauty."
Finally, we want to remember you that during 2013, leading journalists and tasters have devoted to Cupertinum wines wonderful articles and reviews , including those from Il Messaggero, Cucchiaio d’Argento, Corriere del Mezzogiorno/Corriere della Sera, Arbetarbladet…

Last good news: Guida Vini eccellenti d’Italia by Tavolaegusto  crowns Cupertinum with the Company Quality Award, and Copertino Doc Riserva with the Golden Grape. A nice coincidence because just 50 years ago, in 1963 , the Winery has been awarded with the same Golden Grape, by that time the highest award from the historic National Wine Show in Pramaggiore.

You can really say: half a century of consensus!

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