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Agave Gold (Oak Finish) - India’s first world-class cocktail speciality brand, DesmondJi

Announcing the Goa launch of yet another innovative and affordable alcoholic product, DJ 51% Agave Gold (Oak Finish) - from India’s first world-class cocktail speciality brand, DesmondJi.

Panjim, Goa, Sep 18, 2014 - Agave India is proud to announce the Goa launch of its latest game-changing premium brown spirit product – DesmondJi 51% Agave Gold (Oak Finish) – it joins the current set of DesmondJi products available in Goa: three white spirits - 100% Agave, 51% Agave and Pure Cane, two liqueurs based on Nagpur oranges - Blue Curaçao and Orange Liqueur, along with two affordable easy-to-make alcoholic margarita blends - classic Margarita and Blue Margarita.

DesmondJi has a signature line of products, with the rare distinction of being the first alcohol brand in India to offer premium international spirits, liqueurs and innovative easy-to-use cocktail blends. DesmondJi products are unique in the Indian alcobev space because they have a ‘proudly Indian’ twist, while adhering to international standards and processes - DesmondJi is ‘home-grown’ in every aspect from raw materials to distilling, to signature bottle design, and labelling. But the taste and quality have an international edge, comparable to a variety of premium imported liquors presently available in India.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind DesmondJi 51% Agave Gold (Oak Finish), Desmond says, “The Mexican Agave spirit based ‘Tequila®* Gold’ products are typically made by adding caramel (burnt sugar) to a white Tequila®*. We thought we would offer Indian consumers an innovative experience with the ‘Gold concept’, by finishing our popular DesmondJi 51% Agave spirit with charred white oak, thereby creating a unique brown spirit with sensory notes that will be familiar to all scotch and other whisky lovers. With this addition, we hope to make our break in the premium Indian brown spirits market.”

Agave India and its products under the brand name of DesmondJi are the brainchild of Goa-based Desmond Nazareth, who came up with the concept in the year 2000, while searching for affordable options for cocktail aficionados like himself in India.
He decided to create DesmondJi 51% Agave Gold (Oak Finish) as an extremely quality and price competitive brown spirit product, which can be sipped, or used to make any number of internationally popular Agave based cocktails, like the popular margarita, but with a difference – an additional delightful oaky, smoky flavour that introduces a new category of Agave spirit experience.

DesmondJi offerings are very much a first in the speciality Indian cocktail space, providing consumers with proudly ‘Made in India’ products that meet international standards.

Desmond says, “All seven of our products released in Goa thus far have been very well received since our initial launch in Apr 2011. Thousands of locals, visitors and tourists to
Goa have tasted DesmondJi offerings and many have purchased them as gifts because DesmondJi bottles make affordable and handsome presents. We are hoping that our old and new consumers will see the value of an Indian premium brown spirit product, DesmondJi 51% Agave Gold (Oak Finish), available now in Goa for an introductory price of Rs 570 per 750 ml bottle – a superb value proposition, given the variety of famous cocktails that can now be made inexpensively at home!”

The distributor handling all DesmondJi products in Goa is M/s. Royal Spirits, based in Mapusa, Goa.

About DesmondJi products Tequila®* and Mezcal®* are Agave spirits* made in Mexico from Agave plants. All DesmondJi Agave spirits are made from the blue-green Agave plants that grow in India’s Deccan Plateau, using elaborate production processes similar to the Mexican Agave spirits. DesmondJi Orange-based liqueurs are made using essential oils of India’s famous Nagpur orange. DesmondJi Agave spirits and Orange liqueurs are blended to produce DesmondJi Margarita and Blue Margarita offerings. Cachaça and Rhum Agricole are world famous sugarcane spirits from Brazil and the West Indies respectively, and DesmondJi Pure Cane belongs to that international family, using similar raw material and production techniques.
Factors such as localised production and the usage of Indian raw materials, while maintaining international standards, land DesmondJi products squarely in the premium pricing range for IMFLs, while remaining very competitive in comparison to imported equivalents.

Now getting recognized internationally, DesmondJi ‘India pride’ products have been put through countless rounds of taste tests, all of which they have aced. Give DesmondJi a ‘shot’, to see what thousands of excited customers are raving about. DesmondJi premium spirits, liqueurs and innovative easy-to-use cocktail blends are currently available at major retail stores around Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Goa, Daman and Pondicherry.
(*Tequila® and Mezcal® are Agave Spirits made in Mexico and are registered GIs in Mexico owned by the Mexican Government)
For further information: Website: http://www.desmondji.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desmondji Contact: Desmond Nazareth, Panjim, Goa Phone: 91-9850477789 Email: info@desmondji.com

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