p&f wineries

About p&f wineries

This family-owned, Slovenian winery has been in the Puklavec family for three generations (since 1934), and is currently owned and managed by Vladimir Puklavec, and his two daughters, Tatjana and Kristina.

The family business combines an historic passion for winemaking with 21st-century attitude. Slovenia is one of the world’s oldest wine-growing regions, and p&f wineries’ young chief winemaker, Mitja Herga aims to make accessible, fruity and fresh wines of the highest quality that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The winery is located in the Podravje region of Slovenia, often referred to as “the Tuscany of the East”, which is distinguished by its cool climate and a mineral-rich soil — the remnants of the Pannonian Sea which originally covered the area. The grapes, including the local varietal, Furmint, grow in terraced vineyards characteristic of the hilly area, and are picked entirely by hand.

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