Patrimoine des Terroirs SAS Vignerons et Patrimoine Ethical Group of French Winegrowers

A high increase of the sales, following the repositioning of the association on its original values and the benefits, advantages it brought to the professionals.

The association of winemakers Patrimoine des Terroirs is born nearly 5 years ago, at the initiative of Celine and Alain, two young managers, who already worked with 4 winegrowers, and the desire to promote the richness of French viticulture, diversity of soils or grape varieties .... Thirty selected winemakers in relation with their values, talents, currently compose this team, to develop a customer base of professionals in France and abroad.

With an amount of sales of 500 000 € between June 2010 & June 2011 and a increase of 250 000 € of our sales in the last 5 months, compared to last year, with a multiplication by 4 of the number of clients (one hundred), these results confirm the continued approach since this reorganization.