Cantina Coppula 1489

A bunch of rewards in 2014


 This 2014 has been extremely exciting for Cantina Coppola. Let’s remember together the key moments:
> May: Rosato Li Cuti Alezio Doc receives a Certificate of Merit at the Concorso Nazionale Rosati d’Italia;
> June: at the Concorso Internazionale dei Vini da Pesce, both Rosato and Vermentino Li Cuti Salento Igt are awarded with the main recognition;
> September: Li Cuti Alezio Doc, Negroamaro in purity of the Cantina Coppola, won the Prix D'Or Douja;
> November: Paolo Massobrio and the WineGuide Golosario put Doxi Alezio Doc among the Top Hundred (the Top 100 Wines from Italy). "Delightful input: soft, large, characterized by a thin and elegant spiciness ... a wine of great impact!", it is said in motivations;
> December: is the climax of Tafuri Passito Salento Igt which wins the Prix Dolce Puglia by the Italian Sommelier Association . "Authoritative, of great value" sommeliers state.

           It is not over. In fact, most of wine Guides for 2014, now in bookstores, indicate the excellence of this Cantina from Gallipoli:
>   excellent notes on I VINI D’ITALIA/L’ESPRESSO: "The Coppola family is dedicated to viticulture by something like half a millennium, which is not a small thing, even for the average of our old continent", and this evaluation stresses that "Coppola’s red wines do not lack of personality" and highlights the Rocci , negroamaro vinified in white, as well as Rosato Li Cuti, and Tafuri Passito from negroamaro and primivivo" cherry liqueur and jam, cocoa, echoes of salty, dense, complex , structured tones";
>   on I VINI DI VERONELLI, Gigi Brozzoni and Daniel Thomases acknowledge Two Stars to Doxi Reserve Alezio Doc and Tafuri Passito as well as excellent scores to the other wines;
>   also on a positive review on SlowFood SLOW WINE: "In these wines we find the flavor and the iodine notes arising from the lithological characteristics of their land and from the proximity of the sea"; praise for the Alezio Doc Li Cuti , "the notes of the terroir are measured by fermentation with selected yeasts from those of native negroamaro , which enhance the scent"; the Rosato Li Cuti , "fruity and structured”, the Vermentino Li Cuti “citrusy and fruity”, the Rocci “blanc de noir from Salento, fruity and fresh, improves with prolonged aging in the bottle "; Tafuri Passito "by the slight sweet spiciness";
>   finally, Luca Maroni on the ANNUARIO DEI MIGLIORI VINI D’ITALIA, reports the "soft and dense smoothness" of Coppola Whites, the "virtuous integrity" of Rosato , and enhances the Tafuri Passito: "unblemished sweetness with its balmy , minty complexity ... making the wine with excellent denseness mining ... its vigor allows its majestic texture to lure with a turgid fragrance. Virtuous viticulture and enology for a so vividly outpouring mellow".

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