Consejo Regulador de Denominacion de Origin Ribeiro


Ribeiros do Avia is an association of small producers of quality wines, located in the Ribeiro appellation region (Ribeiro D.O.).
The idea came up some years ago, when a group of local wine professionals started detecting the need of consolidating a brand image of quality for the Ribeiro wines.

In the late 70’s, some local wineries had already made an attempt of bringing their Ribeiro wines back to their most authentic profiles, through the path of proving the quality and authenticity of their own grape varieties, such as Treixadura and Souson. Throughout history, different reasons caused these varieties relegation and substitution with foreigner more disease resistant varieties.

All four members of the association Ribeiros do Avia - Casal de Armán, Coto de Gomariz (Maria Alvarez Serrano), SanClodio (Producciones A Modiño) and Viña Mein- share a common philosophy.