Association de Vignerons Patrimoine des Terroirs

5 Good reasons to trust in us

1. Values to respect and to defend: Being a member of Patrimoine des Terroirs, is first, to be an artisan willingly promoting his terroir and its value. It's the constant search of the artisan to work in respect of the spirit of nature, giving priority the progression of ideas. Each member engages himself to promote his part of nature and care for it, to appreciate its value and pass down his historical, cultural, viticole patrimony, work and art.

2. Being different, the source of richness: Domains with their own story, their own traditions, and their own terroir… enrich the viticultural patrimony. From Alsace to Languedoc, Corbière to Touraine, we give priority to the richness of the personality and everyone's specificity. To be together, in the heart of and in association, it's also the possibility to share, not to work in an individual way, but also to share experiences, knowledge and discoveries for everyone's benefit, from domain to a beginner client.

3 .Only one interlocutor and one delivery: All wines are available at the same place; in department 41. Mixed orders are possible whatever the domain/quantity, a large range of wines from all French regions are available and storage fees are limited, because the buyers can order more regularly, in less quantity for each wine…

4. The valuation of the Terroirs: These days…..being knowledgeable in chemicals and technological progress helps to make drinkable wines more or less everywhere in the world. French Prestige is based on authenticity - its terroirs, small size domains, and an historical savoir-faire. But even a land with the qualities of a terroir turns into a basic substrate if chemical and physical measures, non controlled, have perturbed the living organisms that reside within it and if it erodes … This is why, Patrimoine des Terroirs assemble men and women who focus on the idea of valorization and respect of this so-fragile environment and the richness of the French viticulture. 5. A common ambition, and the same goals: That means that we wish to share this quality, this savoir-faire (Know-How), these specialties that we love so much. Easier to say then to do! Nevertheless, we are proud to be men and women who share the same philosophy and who take the time to meet them..