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12-year old Cava released!


It was about 130 years ago when our great-grandfather Josep Batlle sensed that his wines made of the Xarel•lo grape had an unique ageing capacity. Josep Lluis and Bartomeu Gramona confirmed this remarkable feature of our sparkling Xarel•lo wines some 70 years later.

This is how Gramona began to explore the unknown territory of aged cavas. We have led the way for decades with near-legendary cavas like III Lustros aged on the lees for seven years, the Celler Batlle aged for nine years, and of course, our most well-known cava, the Imperial, which after more than four years of ageing remains both fresh and complex.

Gramona has always believed - Opposed to the established paradigm that held that cava had to be young - that excellence in sparkling wines comes in equal parts from our land - soil, climate, man - and from a long ageing process in contact with lees, taking place in stacked bottles sealed with natural cork.

With the illusion of exploring this paradigm shift in more depth, in 1999 Jaume and Xavier Gramona took up on the idea of taking the ageing process to extremes that to this day had been unknown to wine lovers. And thus was born the Enoteca Gramona 2000 vintage the first cava destined to exceed the 10 years process previously reached by the Celler Batlle.

We have made the Enoteca in accordance with both the Brut and Brut Nature classifications, as a respectful homage to these two different styles. On one hand, for those who like to discover the personality of the land and its surroundings in each glass and on the other hand for those believing that sparkling wine is the best way to please the senses, we have added the exclusive Gramona dosage from our centenary soleras to provide that unmistakable bouquet so characteristic of the iconic sparkling wines.

We have stated the year of disgorgement R.D. and although we recommend to drink the cava today, we guarantee that it can still be enjoyed in several years’ time. We have ensured that the Enoteca evolves with a remarkable elegance and complexity after leaving the winery, while retaining the freshness required in all great sparkling wines.

As with all our cavas, we have developed this wine hoping to bring people and minds together, to promote relaxation, and to humbly offer our own contribution to making the world an enjoyable place.


Jaume and Xavier Gramona

La Plana. The homeland and birthplace of III Lustros, Celler Batlle and now Enoteca. Four hectares of Xarel•lo, watched over by a hectare of Macabeo. Clay soil with a sandy sublayer overlaying a base of limestone. Bordered to the east by the River Anoia. To the north it opens out into the arms of the valley that sweeps down from the mountains. The southern reaches embrace the sun that follows the course of the river. To the west, a pine-covered hill provides the grapes with shade in the evenings.
Our family has been working this land for 150 years.

Harvest 2000. An unusually dry year, with sparse crop of Xarel•lo and even fewer Macabeo. It resulted in small grapes. Although the healthiest we have ever known. High quality, ripe grapes, with a high alcohol and a good acidity level. A very good harvest for Grandes Reservas.

Varieties: 75% Xarel•lo, 25% Macabeo
Date of disgorgement: June 2013
Ready to drink now or to enjoy within several years


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