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Our products

Product category: Toscana


Appellation: IGT Toscana Bianco
Varietals: Vermentino, Viognier
Fermentation regime: 100% in stainless steel at very low temperature, using selected yeasts with low production of H2S to minimize SO2 in the final wine.
Aging: in stainless steel
Food affinities: delicious drunk just by itself anytime, goes well with fish/seafood, white meats; Asian cuisine; soft blue cheese; serve at 12°C to best discover the aromatic evolution along the bottle.
Notes from the producer: Mezzodì means midday. Vermentino is an Italian white varietal, typical in Tuscany. When he is happy in his terroir and especially when the integrity of his grapes is properly respected, Vermentino can give fabulous results : aromas that are reminiscent of the best of Sauvignon Blanc accompanied by its natural trademark, a good backbone of acidity and minerality. The exuberance of this wine reminds us of Khanh’s favourite Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio: ... »
La vigna è come il vino:/ il grappolo sul tralcio si matura/ poi che il raggio nell’uva è prigioniere » (... The vine is like the wine: the grapes on the vine are ripening / because the sun ray is imprisoned in the berries...)

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Product category: Toscana


Appellation: IGT Toscana
Varietal: Viognier 100%
Fermentation regime: maceration of whole berries; after soft pressing 80% of juice in stainless at low temperature; 20% in French oak barriques; selected yeasts with low H2S production in order to keep SO2 low in the final wine.
Aging: only the 20% fermented in wood aged on lees for 4 - 6 months with weekly batonnage ̧min. 6 months in bottle.
Food affinities: white meats, red meats with delicate sauce, fish/seafood with assertive tastes (tuna, salmon, oysters, lobster), A
sian cuisine, soft blue cheese.
Note of the producer: 2013 is the first vintage for this special white in the label serie Vox Loci: it is to honor the Viognier in its new home in Bolgheri and in Maremma, and more particularly to celebrate our first decade of winemaking.

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Product category: Toscana


Appellation: Bolgheri DOC Rosé
Varietals: Syrah 50% Cabernet 50%
Fermentation regime:100% in stainless steel of first - press most after 4 hours on the skin (méthode saignée)
Aging: 100% in stainless steel
Food affinities: good
companion to pizza, fish soup, oriental cuisine, delicious any time, serve not too chilled.
Note from the producer: The name PinkSY is chosen in honor of the Syrah grape which gives this spicy
structured wine a personality of its own.
The label design was conceived to re-capture the feelings we had tasting it for the first time at a lunch under the gazebo in the gardens: « Il sol traguarda basso ne pergola / E si rifrange roseo / Nel mio bicchiere: aureo scintilla e tremula « from
Ruit Hora of Carducci.
(The sun peeks low through the pergola / And reflects golden pink / In my glass: a scintillating trembling halo...)

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Product category: Toscana


Appellation: Bolgheri DOC Red
Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Fermentation regime: 100% in stainless steel; malolactic in barriques
Aging: min. 12 months in French oak barriques and 6 months in bottle
Food affinities
: red meats grilled or roasted, stews, games, grilled red bell peppers and aubergines, seasoned
cheeses. Try it with dessert like crème caramel with chocolate, walnut/chesnut pies.
Notes from the producer
: Peàn means a hymn to the Sun god Apollo. The wi
ne is made from especially
selected grapes from the estate production. The name is taken from the poetry of Gabriele d’Annunzio where
he sang his love for summer and for Tuscany, especially the areas along the Tyrrhenian coast where we are
located:“ Il ven
to ch’elle muovono/ solleva il cuor degli uomini/ come un peàn che càntino/cetere a miriadi ”
(The wind moved by the wings [of the nymphs] lifts the heart of mankind like a hymn sung by a thousand
dulcimers.) The label image is taken from a detail of an
oil painting which is also used for the label Vox
Loci. It is chosen because it reminds of the world famous 5 km long road leading to the village of Bolgheri.

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Product category: Toscana


Appellation: IGT Toscana
Varietals: Syrah 100%
Fermentation regime:100% in stainless steel; 100% malolactic in barriques
Aging: 18 months in French oak barriques and min. 6 months in bottle
Food affinities: Roast and stews of all meat types, duck - especially Peking duck, cheeses.
Note of the producer: This single varietal wine is part of our label serie is still a Vox Loci, the voice of the places, the voice of a land and of a varietal, a unique voice exalted in the wine by the winemaker depending on how sensitive he is towards the various characteristics inherent to the varietal, such that it is a wine the way the land and nature make it and want it to be. The wine still
was first made in 2007, 2500 bottles in all.
We tried to age it in barriques made in Bordeaux and in Bourgogne, we like this last one quite a bit for élevage of Syrah by itself. It is a project that will evolve as the vines grow older and as we learn more of what they can offer with every vintage. We invite you to join us in this ‘voyage of the senses’.

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About us

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""One measure of passion is worth more than three measures of expertise"

Nguyen Du


"raising vines is like raising children, the hardest part is not to hurry and not to impose: you must know how to bring the best out of each of them "

Khanh Nguyen

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