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Product category: Emilia-Romagna


Albana is the most prestigious indigenous variety of Romagna. It was always grown by the counts Codronchi, the former owners of the land where Fattoria Monticino stands. To obtain this wine during harvest we perform a careful selection of grapes. The grapes are harvested by hand, in small boxes , usually in mid-September dependent upon the season. Only when the cluster is perfectly mature it is harvested in multiple steps, depending on the state of maturation.

The color is intense straw yellow, with greenish reflections. From the first breath the Albana gives feelings of understated elegance. The nose starts with prominent mineral notes that slowly fade into a cascade of flowers and then yellow fruit. It expresses a character full of strength and elegance . The pace is relentless, growing in intensity as the mineral flavors mingle with those of citrus fruits, sage and thyme, then marrying in a balance that invites you to take one sip after another. The finish is complex and enveloping, with a lingering mineral pleasantness.

Apricot, pineapple, yellow peach, yellow rose, hazelnuts, orange and lime zest, papaya, pineapple, hints of sage and thyme.

Very highly recommended as an aperitif. Excellent with shellfish, baked or pan-fried fish, pasta dishes with seafood and vegetables. Fresh soft cheeses, cold cuts, quiches, pizza margherita, soups, pasta with mushrooms, saffron risotto. You can also serve with goose liver and white meat, especially with roasted chicken and sweetbreads.

Serving Suggestions
Serving temperature: 10 -12 ° C in glasses for white wines with body.
Alcoholic strength of 13.5%

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna


Sangiovese Superiore Le Morine from Fattoria Monticino Rosso is unique, with intriguing aromas and a remarkable structure , but of extreme delicacy. The nervous character is expressed through the freshness of the fruit, in addition to the nuances of spices and flowers , which help to create a fascinating symphony , which are the background of intense tannins , but of great finesse.

Opening of fruit in alcohol and herbs. It is intense with small stretch and minerals with a remarkable persistence . The aromas emerging expenses, are drawn with great precision , the plot of sensation gets more intriguing by memories of red fruit . Small red berries mingle with flavors of wild strawberries mottled by eucalyptus.
The taste left on the palat is important, keeping qualities of the fullness of the body, showing great agility and balance. The acidity tickles the palate and paints a fresco where tannin and flavor alternate masterfully . The persistence in the mouth is incredible returns in the form of espresso and mint. A wine that is not afraid of a long aging complex , which deserves to be drunk on special occasions.

Ripe plums , blackberries, black cherries , hints of raspberry , cherries, irises, roses, withered violets , spices , eucalyptus, thyme , cocoa, graphite.

Meat dishes , roasted and processed fillets with herbs , hard cheese hard cheese , baked pasta with meat sauce, braised meats, stews and succulent meats .

Serving Suggestions
Serving temperature: -20 ° C to 18 large glasses for red aged wine.

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna


Codronchio from Fattoria Monticino Rosso is the pride of our winery, one of the most representative wines and we have dedicated this wine to Codronchi , Imola lords who owned and farmed the land where today stands the Fattoria Monticino Rosso . With this wine we want to keep alive the tradition of our country and at the same time offer a wine that mirror the characteristics of the hills of Imola.
Codronchio is made by Albana dry late harvest . It comes from a careful selection of grapes from our cru, and is harvested by hand, a bunch at a time, with loving care and only when they begin to appear the first traces of noble rot (botrytis cinerea) . It is a painstaking job with multiple steps in vineyard , because the grapes harvest by hand as they are attacked by botrytis .
What we offer is a wine that year after year is consistent with the harvest , more and more mature and complex . Every year gives us a different story , always starting from a great base . The challenge is to capture the characteristics of the territory in the bottle, but that spark of inspiration that makes the difference between a good wine and a big one . The secret is botrytis , which we learned about year after year , to understand how mold affects the flavor and makes the wine much deeper , with that special touch that every wine lover loves . This is Codronchio : a noble wine , with a large mineral filler, which can defy the years with a decade of aging , but always starting from grapes , because they are the flavors of the terroir to emerge.

Gold with green tints. Nose opens with a riot of a mineral aromas , then slowly emerge flowers and yellow fruit fits with elegance. In support of this wealth we have herbs , perfumes, iodine , reflecting the minerality of the soil from which it was born .
The palate is juicy, dry , full-bodied , with a persistence that caresses the palate with a peak of flavor. The freshness and ‘ well-dosed and manifests itself through waves of citrus and flows for all the wine , making it vibrant , complex, an incredible finesse . The final envelops the entire mouth with a nice roundness; resurface notes of fruit and flowers that leave a trail mineral enjoyable. The aging potential is significant: at least 15 years of age.

Apricot , honey, acacia , almond, medlar, wisteria , grapefruit, barley , yellow peach , broom, yellow rose, apricot , hazelnuts, orange zest , lime zest , papaya , pineapple, hints of sage and thyme.

It goes very well with vegetable soups , pasta sauces with fish and seafood , omelettes and vegetable pies. Mixed fried seafood , sushi , noodles with sea urchins , Thai, Indian curry, roast meats , shellfish. Also try with foie gras and terrine with spiced , saffron risotto , tofu , chicken in aspic , brains , sweetbreads . As an aperitif will be a success .

Serving Suggestions
Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C in glasses for white wines of the body.

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna

8VENTI wine from over-ripened grapes

Malvasia is one of the oldest and finest vineyards in Italy and especially in the sweet version , already famous at the time of the Arab domination of Sicily. We value tradition , so we decided to produce a sweet wine from Malvasia , that here in our hills meets the unique conditions , thanks to the appearance of noble rot . Our sweet Malvasia , in fact, born only in vintages from perfect condition, with the best grapes left to wither on the vine and then harvested when they were attacked by botrytis.

The color is gold , almost amber . The bouquet is full of scents , including candied fruit , almonds and hazelnuts dipped in honey , with a background of herbal medicines, given by botrytis .
A slight twist of citrus sensations anticipates more warm and sensual spices and fruit jam . The extreme clarity of expression of the bouquet is its main feature, what really makes this special wine.
The great length on the palate with perfect precision aromatic and consists of immediate softness, stimulated by mild acid flavor and a well balanced line. During the closing phase of a vibrating thin bitter with flavors of cloves and spices.

Peel of grapefruit and tangerine , lime, orange and apple lemon verbena , pineapple in syrup , golden apple , marzipan, cooked fruit and cinnamon, vanilla , jasmine, acacia flowers , yellow rose , apricot jam, raisins.

Pies, pastries, puffs , ricotta cakes , apple pie with vanilla cream and blue cheeses such as Stilton , Roquefort and Blu del Monviso.

Serving Suggestions
Serving temperature: 10 -12 ° C in small wine glasses sweet

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna


Even the color of this wine expresses important qualities of pleasantness. A pale yellow color with excellent tone and intensity. On the nose, from the very first breath , you feel a veiled elegance and expression is crisp and clear . Opens with pleasant hints of citrus intertwined with floral notes of lime and acacia flowers . Evolves slowly giving more subtle sensations that stretch during the persistence of mineral nuances reminiscent of flint. To make the bouquet even more interesting are the delicate shades of lilac, green berries and fern playing in concert with fruity aromas of apple, pear and subtle expressions of red currant and pomegranate . Closes the memory of his persistence with aromas of almonds and hazelnuts. On the palate there is a carbon thin , dense , harmonious with a nice and pleasant feeling of creaminess. The acid part is told through a subtle freshness , well-modulated on the step of mouth and sustained mild flavor and precise . We find the aromatic sensations just recognized the nose mixed with stretches of butter and fresh flowers in a nice balance . It is intense and persistent finish with a clear mineral and herbs.

Aromas peach, apple , pear , apricot, melon , citrus , lilac , acacia and lime fern , herbs, green berries , pomegranate , red currant .

Pairings fish , clams, mussels, delicate fresh cheeses, light meats, pasta with vegetables and risotto .

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About us

Company details

Zeoli Family

The Fattoria Monticino Rosso is a family-run farming business. It was established in 1965 when Antonio Zeoli bought his first thirteen-hectares nucleus, named "Olmo" small farm. In the following years his sons Luciano and Gianni, who are now both leading the business, came up beside Antonio, and in 1985 the family acquired the twenty-four-hectares "Monticino Rosso" small farm, beside the first one and after which the whole farmstead will be named.
The Farm rises among the hills of Imola, next to the border with the town of Dozza, where the production of the sparkling wines from Emilia gives way to the firm and wild wines from Romagna. “Monticino Rosso” was already clearly identified in the cadastral acts edited during the Napoleonic era under the name of “Monticino dei meli granati” ("the pomegranates' hill") and for a century at least was owned by the noble Imolese family Codronchi Torelli, whose wealth and culture allowed for the landscape to be shaped harmonically.
And is with gratefulness towards those who had the privilege to own and love these lands, preserving in them the cultivation of the grapes of tradition, that Luciano and GIanni Zeoli had wanted to give to one of their most significant wines, the selection of dry Albana di Romagna, the name of “Codronchio”.

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