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Nals Margreid

Heiligenbergerweg 2, 39010 Nals

Telephone +39 0471 678626
Fax +39 0471 678945

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  • Hall 15 / G71
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ProWein 2017 fairground map: Hall 15


Gottfried Pollinger

Managing Director

0039 0471 678626


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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

SIRMIAN Pinot Bianco 2015

An extensive bouquet fills the glass with aromas ranging from apple to citrus fruit and ripe pineapple. Growing in a soil with a variety and vast amount of primitive rock types, it comes with extraordinary saltiness, an impressive body, elegance and crisp acidity on the palate, including a fresh and lively finish. An excellent aperitif and ideal companion to starters, pasta and fish.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

PUNGGL Pinot Grigio 2015

Orange, honey and hay accompany the zesty and fruity aromas of this Pinot Grigio. The body and juicy structure coming from deep clay soils, and the long finish fashioned by the aged vines, make this wine a great companion to intensely flavored starters, fish and white meats.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

MANTELE Sauvignon 2015

Its fresh and fruity aromas include notes of citrus fruit, grapefruit, blooming elderflower and pepper. The deep gravel of the Mantele growing area provides the Sauvignon Mantele with spiciness and body. Cool nights and hot days encourage its aromatic amplitude and fresh structure. This wine is an inspiring aperitif and goes along well with starters, vegetable-based dishes and, at an advanced age, with asparagus.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

LYRA Gewürztraminer 2015

An unmistakably intensive, aromatic bouquet with aromas of fresh roses, cloves and lychee is the distinctive mark of this golden yellow Gewürztraminer. Grown in the Gewürztraminer’s natural and traditional habitat, Tramin, it embodies the opulence and strength of a smooth and full-bodied wine, crowned with a long finish. A wonderful choice as an aperitif wine and companion to flavorsome dishes, fish, lobster and liver pâté.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

CHARDONNAY Riserva Baron Salvadori 2013

The multilayered fruity and floral bouquet reveals strong aromas of mature apricot and pineapple. Grown in the warm Margreid area, it elicits a fine structure with pleasant freshness, a harmonious body and balanced elegance, with a long-lasting finish. This Chardonnay Riserva Baron Salvadori harmonizes with the subtle dishes of haute cuisine, flavorsome starters, white meats and grilled fish.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

PENON Pinot Bianco 2016

The Pinot Bianco Penon’s grapes turn out small and concentrated, as they ripen late in the high altitudes of the warm town of Penon. The winery Nals Margreid vinify them into a wine of fresh structure and elegant acidity. With aromas of apple, citrus and ripe pineapple and a lively finish, the Pinot Bianco Penon makes for an excellent aperitif as well as an accompaniment to antipasti, pasta and fish.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

LAFOT Cabernet Riserva 2014

Besides the warm climate of this southern vineyards, the rock walls towering over this Cabernet’s growing area give off additional heat, and favor the development of its full body. Profound berry with aromas of ripe blackberry and plum combine with spicy, peppery notes. Its rich facets and longlasting, fruity finish, make this Cabernet Riserva a powerful companion to savory dishes, red meats, game, pies and matured cheeses.

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Product category: Südtirol/Alto Adige

ANTICUS Riserva Baron Salvadori 2014

A triple offering pure pleasure with intensive aromas of ripe wild berries, cassis and zesty notes. The softness and elegance of the Merlot and the body and distinctiveness of the Cabernet combine harmoniously to form an elegant unity. A great, sophisticated wine and a perfect choice with traditional and modern full-flavored dishes.

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From a total of 395 acres of land, 138 winegrowers bring top quality grapes to the Nals Margreid Winery. Ecological awareness and a sense of quality influence their work and lead to the excellent harvests from which the remarkable wines arise. Together they create wines that express their territorial and varietal origin. Together they not only nurture, but continuously refine the South-Tyrolean traditions.
Developed over millennia, viticulture is deep-rooted in Italy’s northernmost winegrowing area, South Tyrol. As an important part of the South Tyrolean wine culture, the winery Nals Margreid is keeping up tradition since 1932. The winegrowers’ vineyards extend from Nals, a little town between Bozen and Meran (Merano), all the way to Margreid in the sunny, southern reaches of the region, allowing to exploit a remarkable variety of terroirs and locations.
Like the excellent wines produced by it, the winery, modernized in 2011, is an expression of the terroir. Thanks to the joining of historical structures and the high standards of modern wine production, a complex of buildings evolved, that perfectly expresses the qualities of Nals Margreid. Involving gravity in the production process, the wines are brought into existence as gently as possible. Hence, the evolution from grape to wine finds its natural process and culmination in the timeless cellars.

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