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PICOWINES Cooperativa Vitivinícola da Ilha do Pico Picowines, CRL

Rua Padre Nunes da Rosa, 29, 9950-338 Madalena / Pico – Açores

+351 292 622262

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Branded wines

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Quality sparkling wine/Sekt of other origin

Picowines – A Fiery Experience

In the Azores, an archipelago (almost) mid-Atlantic between Europe and North America, wine growing has been known for generations now. Picowines was founded in the 1950s as a cooperative and now unites the majority of Pico’s winegrowers in their aim to produce wines with a unique terroir.

An extreme maritime climate and unique landscape make the wines really quite special. Pico’s soil is made up of basalt lava. This volcanic environment is, without doubt, a key identifying feature of Picowines – both for the people and the wines which often boast unmistakable properties achieved thanks to the pervasive impact of the soil and the tough climate.

Mid-Atlantic they are very exposed to extremes of weather. In former times, to protect the people and the grapes from the adversities of this weather people started to build low walls made of basalt stone reminiscent in shape and structure of a huge labyrinth. The breath-taking view of the vineyards – causing the winegrowers a great deal of work, time and dedication – often makes a deep impression on visitors from throughout the world.