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Our products

Product category: Whiskey

LABEL 5 Blended Scotch Whisky

10th best selling Scotch Whisky Brand Worldwide

Leading Scotch Whisky brand, LABEL 5 is carefully distilled, matured and bottled in our distilleries in Scotland. Established in more than 100 countries, LABEL 5 is renowned for its high quality and appreciated for its smoothness.

With 2.6M 9-L cases sold in 2015, LABEL 5 is and has become a key player in the Scotch Whisky category.

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Product category: Vodka


POLIAKOV, the Millionaire brand with sales up to 1.4 million nine-litre cases, pursues its success story. The international brand, sold in over 50 countries, is today the 3rd fastest growing global Vodka brand. POLIAKOV owes this achievement to its unique quality, often rewarded in international competitions like in 2014 with a gold medal at the Spirits Business Vodka Masters, and to a powerful advertising universe focusing on extreme cold and infinite space. (Source: Drinks International 2016)

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Product category: Port



In respect of a unique know-how dating back to 1887, PORTO CRUZ is an iconic brand proud of its origins and expertise. Combining tradition and innovation, the brand shares its vision of Port by promoting a unique and creative experience of tasting. Our Ports are carefully aged in our cellars in GRAN CRUZ, where exceptional Ports including a million litres over 20 years old are aged.

With a large collection of awarded Port Wines, PORTO CRUZ offers a unique palette of flavours suited to every occasion.

CRUZ is a leading brand in France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Russia, with 8 million litres sold in more than 50 countries.

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Product category: Gin


Proud of its English origins, GIBSON’S is an authentic London Dry Gin, with delicate aromas of citrus fruits, juniper berries, angelica and coriander, whose quality is recognized and largely awarded at competitions.
Internationally distributed in more than 40 countries, GIBSON’S Gin is a leading brand in France and Sweden (in the top 10 Gin brands in European Union according to the IWSR).

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Product category: Rum


SAINT JAMES Rums are born out of a 250-year-long history of passion and craftsmanship. The highly awarded SAINT JAMES Agricole Rums from Martinique, made from fresh sugar cane juice, are appreciated by connoisseurs for their character and uniqueness. Distributed in over 50 countries, SAINT JAMES is the N°1 worldwide pure cane Caribbean Rum.

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Product category: Armagnac / Cognac


The legend of SAINT-VIVANT Armagnac dates back to 1559. SAINT-VIVANT DE LA SALLE, a noble lord who owned vineyards in Gascony, created a new spirit by accident and was delighted with the result. He named it after its region, Armagnac, and it was to become one of the most prestigious brandies in France.

Presented in exclusive bottles with a slanted neck, decorated with a wax seal and a parchment label, SAINT-VIVANT Armagnac are among the leading Armagnac brands.

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An independent French group founded in 1934, LA MARTINIQUAISE is one of the leading spirits group in France and features in the world Top 10. The group has a turnover of 920 Million euros and is proud to own four millionaire brands, LABEL 5 & SIR EDWARD’S Scotch Whisky, POLIAKOV Vodka and NEGRITA Rum. (Source: Impact 2016)

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