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Petro Vaselo is a young but internationally awarded winery, founded in 2002, by the Italian family, Dal Tio, who wanted...more


A longside hand- selected Romanian grapes, in every bottle of Liliac there is also a goodly amount of Austrian...more


On the foothills of Arad the former famous historical wine- growing region known as Minis, sank into oblivion in the XX....more


A single glass of wine can reveal more than a story; my winemaking history begins with the love of nature. When you...more


AVINCIS Winery, Vila- Dobruşa is a family owned vineyard, established in 1905 by the great grandparents of Cristiana...more


More often than not, even the most complicated things are expressed by a single word, a colour, a gesture, a step, a...more


S. E.R. V.E. was born out of a dream. A dream of its founder, count Guy Tyrel de POIX. In 1993, less than 4 years...more


DAVINO 68 hectares in property, 18 hectares in land lease, maximum 200. 000 DAVINO bottles annually, no more than...more


“Wine is poetry of the earth. Vinarte, in the three renowned estates that it owns, namely Dealu Mare, Samburesti...more

Petro Vaselo Vigna Srl
Pertovaselo, Romania
Alb de Petro Vaselo

Heart of our ecosystem, this wine and a radiant and vibrant fragrance, as unique as our territory and our way of doing...more


GEOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS The Pinot Noir vineyard used to produce NADIR is located on a hill with northern –...more


GEOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS The Chardonnay vineyard used to produce ZENITH is located on a hill with northern –...more

Bendis Rose

Sensual and vibrant, interpretation of the elegance of Pinot Noir, attractive, modern soul, perfect to share with the...more


Amazing single vineyard which expresses the extreme of limestone matrix grows here, unique identity interpreted in an...more


The magic of the oldest indigenous variety expressed thanks to the synergistic integration with our nature. Mystical...more


Challenge that condenses the evolving interpretation of the authenticity of the territory with creativity and...more


Powerful, muscular, lush and opulent. territorial interpretation of the classic Bordeaux to transmit a comparison of...more

Rosu de Petro Vaselo

Passionate and true sense of belonging to our land, smooth, warm, deep and flavorful. real journey into our roots ...more

SC Cramele Recas SA
Recas, Timis, Romania
Cuvee Uberland

A cuvee obeying the golden rule of all blends: to obtain the best out of every participating wine, but in a way that...more


Made from grapes especially selected from the best parcels of Recaș vineyards, picked at night, in order to protect...more

Solo Quinta

The straw- yellow wine, dominated by flower notes – elder, acacia, white flowers – also shows notable...more

Jidvei (Alba), Romania
Clasic Feteasca Regala

It is a Romanian vine variety which gained a special place among dry white wines for its freshness and smoothness. It...more

Grigorescu Dry Muscat

It is a medium dry wine, delicate and fresh, with a complex and persistent aroma, with notes of honey, elder, locust...more

Grigorescu Gewurztraminer

A medium dry wine with crystal clear, golden yellow color and specific aroma of rose petals. It is a smooth,...more

Nec Plus Ultra Sauvignon Blanc

A medium dry wine, very well balanced, with a yellow- greenish color. It has aromatic complexity with prevailing nuances...more

Owner's Choice Ana Chardonnay

The aromas of wax and honey blend with those of yellow peach; it is a wine with a slight woody taste in the middle of...more

Owner's Choice Maria Pinot Gris

A remarkable wine, with an intense bouquet, floral and fruity at the same time. Yellow peach aromas, pineapple nuances,...more

Tezaur Riesling

The yellow- greenish color gives it a specific glow. Its savor and aroma remind of the smell of wild flowers and freshly...more

S.C.Alcovin SRL
Macin, Romania

Aligoté is representative for the vineyard, having a yellow- greenish colour and rarely straw- yellow. It is best...more

Feteasca Neagra CURTEA REGALA

Black Fetească grapes easiness picked from vines placed at the foot of Macin Mountains, in cold mornings of late autumn...more

Italian Riesling PELEGRIN

Dry wine, corpulent, extractive, with intense aromas characteristic of the variety, Italian Riesling produced in the...more

Merlot Rose PELEGRIN

An elegant wine, pleasant, obtained from vinification in "white" grapes of Merlot, with rose color and roses shades,...more

Muscat Ottonel Dry CURTEA REGALA

Muscat Ottonel has an intense, attractive yellow colour, which turns into golden as the wine grows old. It is the...more

Renatus (red)

Name: RENATUS red Wine style: Dry red wine Variety: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, feteasca neagra(Black...more

Renatus (white)

Helped by the four elements of life ( sun, air, soil and water) we managed to realize an elegant combination between...more

Trei Brate

Name: Three Branches Wine style: demidry, white wine. Variety: White Feteasca, Royal Feteasca and Romanian...more

Tres Rosae

An expressive and balanced wine, with an sustained aromatic line, Tres Rosae represents a symbol for those who produce...more

SC Murfatlar Romania SA
Murfatlar, Romania
Weinkellerei Reh Kendermann GmbH
Bingen am Rhein, Germany
Still White and Red Wines as well as Sparkling Wines

EXHIBITED WINES: Still white wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Aligote, Feteasca Regala,...more

Still White and Red Wines as well as Sparkling Wines

EXHIBITED WINES: Still white wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Aligote, Feteasca Regala,...more

Odobesti Vinex s.r.l.
Sat Vrstura, comuna Jaritea, Romania
S.C. HD Wines S.r.l.
Sat Visan. com Barnova, Romania
SC Natura SRL
Tifesti Common, Romania
Casa Panciu Feteasca Regala & Muscat Ottonel

Blended medium dry white sparkling wine obtained with fermentation in reservoirs, from Feteasca Regala and Muscat...more

Casa Panciu Spumant Rose (Medium Dry Sparkling Wine)

Medium dry, salmon rose sparkling wine obtained with fermentation in reservoirs, having subtle hints of blackberries,...more

Domeniile Panciu Cabernet Sauvignon & Feteasca Neagra

Red wine , dry, ruby color , full of fragrant red fruit . Tasty and delicious aftertaste of ripe red berries , with a...more

Domeniile Panciu Chardonnay

Dry white wine, yellow colored, unctuous, smooth and velvety, with peach and apricot flavors, encompasses a fruity,...more

Domeniile Panciu Feteasca Neagra

Dry red wine, full- bodied and velvety, with variety specific flavors of currants, cherries and dried plums, with spicy...more

Domeniile Panciu Vin spumant (Sparkling wine)

Sparkling wine obtained by theTraditional Method – with bottle fermentation ,elegant and refined, with a...more

Agricola Stirbey srl
Bucuresti, Romania
Cramposie Selectionata

Dry wine, 2013 harvest, 13. 00% vol. This grape variety goes back to pre- Roman Empire days when the region between...more

Cuvée Genius Loci 2011

In 2009 am plantat in Via Stirbey din Dealul Olt o mica parcela cu butuci de Novac si Negru de Dragasani in sistemul...more

Negru de Dragasani

Dry wine, 2013 harvest, 14. 50 %vol. Stemming from Negru Vartos and Babeasca Neagra, this grape variety reflects the...more

Crama Ceptura Srl
Jud. Prahova, Romania
Astrum Cervi Collection

Astrum Cervi is a collection of wines which are obtained from varieties of grapes with higher technological features,...more

Cervus Cepturum Collection

Cervus Cepturum is a collection of wines which are obtained from highly productive varieties of grapes, cultivated in...more

Cervus Magnus Monte Collection

Cervus Magnus Monte (DOC) – is our collection of dry wines which have been specially created for wine...more

Fintesti, Romania
Halewood Romania Srl.
Bukarest, Romania
Rhein Extra Brut Imperial

  Cuvée : 75% Chardonnay, 22% Feteasca Regala , 3% Rhein Riesling Roots: Rhein ...more

Theia Chardonnay

Composition: 100% Chardonnay Vintage : 2012, DOC- CMD Sebes- Alba Limited edition: 13, 000 bottles ...more

Byzantium Rosso di Valachia

Composition: 60% Feteasca Neagra 20% Cabernet Sauvignon 20% Shiraz Vintage: 2012, DOC- CMD Dealu Mare ...more

S.C. Vinarte S.A.
Bucharest, Romania
SC Domeniile Sahateni SRL
Bucharest, Romania
SC Domeniile Viticole Tohani SRL
Gura Vadului Village, Romania

The Blue Train range was created for the international market and the name is reminiscent of both the country's and the...more

Minima Moralia is the name for the set of values that humanity was built upon: as basic as a pillar, as high as the...more

HRH Princess Margareta of Romania is the elder daughter of Mihai I, last living King of Romanians. The domain got...more

Vardo means “caravan” in the gypsy language. In our language it is the joy of living and loving as...more

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