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Trade Fair Reports

Trade Fair Reports ProWein 2015

Supporting programme in the spotlight
ProWein reporter Emily Whigham sets off for a walk across the trade fair grounds and passes special shows, lounges, info booths and more - be it ProWein World or the tasting zone. Come along!


Special show "same but different"
New innovative marketing solutions and products are being shown in the special show "same but different". For example uniWines, a company specialising in fair trade or a Dutch winemaker that now concentrates on Curacao.


Wines from distant countries, specialties and a cocktail
The ProWein team took a look at the more unknown regions of origin for wines, at winery specialties in general and a special cocktail.


Impressions of the wine trade fair
Welcome to ProWein - take a quick tour through the trade fair halls and experience the exciting wine trade fair in two minutes.


Visitor statements ProWein 2015: The ProWein has opened its doors today
Visitors entered the trade fair grounds from all over the world when ProWein opened its doors on 15 March 2015. They are looking forward to an event more international than ever.


The world and the wines
Even in traditional beer-cities such as Cologne, Munich or Düsseldorf, wine plays quite an important role in consumer behavior – according to the latest numbers, the consumption per capita rose again in 2012. However, something that has changed – and manufacturers as well as distributers have to adjust to this – is the buying behavior. A recent study done on behalf of the ProWein, the industry’s leading trade fair, shows several distinct trends when it comes to purchasing wine.


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