Route USA

Guided Show Navigation Program

Once again at this year’s ProWein, we will present Route USA together with Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection. Route USA will be guiding U.S. visitors to those producers who seek to meet them.

You are a U.S visitor? We are looking for you!

These producers have indicated that

  • they would like to export their wines and spirits to the USA for the first time or
  • they are already exporting and would like develop their actual export into further U.S. States.

Participants Route USA 2017

All exhibitors interested in finding importing and distribution partners in the USA: Visit our database

Participants that aren’t exporting to the USA

All participants that aren’t exporting to the USA yet and are searching for a U.S. importer will be marked with the following logo in front of their stand

Download: Participants that aren’t exporting to the USA

Impressions of Route USA at the ProWein 2016

Photo: Trade fair stand with label "Route USA"