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Celebrities At The ProWein

The handball star Stefan Kretzschmar by now is more of a businessman than an athlete – and as an entrepreneur, he is also at the ProWein. This is because of his function as a brand ambassador for a Tequila. The actor from the show Tatort Andreas Hoppe's position is a bit more general – in support of regional and ecological products. But also in support of wine.

Tradition or Revolution

The Vinters At The ProWein

Wine is a craft – with many traditions. From the right choice of vine to the vintage all the way to the maturation of the fine wine – a lot of things have to be just like they have been for centuries. Or do they? A man from Hong Kong called the Flying Winemaker is turning the industry upside down. Revolution or tradition – we did the test.

Gourmet vs. Rocker

Two Different Perspectives On Drinking Wine

Slowly but surely beer is being replaced by wine even in the beer heartlands of Germany. This means that not only so-called fancy dinners call for red, rosé or white wines, but also more informal occasions are suitable. Possibly also in other circles. We took a look at two different paths leading to wine – gourmet vs. rocker.