Patrimoine des Terroirs Consortium of French independent Winegrowers

Business results in increase (> 60 %) in the last 4 months

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The association of winemakers Patrimoine des Terroirs is born nearly 6 years ago, at the initiative of Celine and Alain, two young managers, who already worked with 4 winegrowers, and the desire to promote the richness of French viticulture, diversity of soils or grape varieties around these values :

- A wide range of authentic wines with distinct characters.
- A respectful production for each winegrower
- A single contact for all the winegrowers

Thirty selected winemakers in relation with their values, talents, currently compose this team, to develop a customer base of professionals in France and abroad. Patrimoine des Terroirs’ consortium is certainly one of the oldest, and therefore a precursor, group of independent winegrowers uniting winemakers from all the main areas in France : www.patrimoinevin.canalblog.com

With an amount of sales of 230 000 € during the last 2 months, with a increase of 60% of the amount of sales compared to the same period in 2011, these results confirm the continued approach since this reorganization 24
months ago.

Patrimoine des Terroirs distributes…. :

 On Export Market : Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Bosnia, Finland, Spain, Italy, Andorra, Israel, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mongolia, China, South Korea, USA, Canada, Singapore, Brazil and Bolivia
 In the traditional circuit in France (wine shops, wine bars, restaurants and wholesalers only).

Celine and Alain, the 2 managers say: "It is important to note that these figures are based on different markets, either naturally in France but also on Export Markets. Patrimoine des Terroirs is positioned both on mature markets and on emergent markets too, without being dependent on a minority of customers or on few markets. This allows us to envisage the future with serenity and good potential for our development with our partnerships. We are looking for long-term, with a sustainable value with a valorization of the work of winemakers and obviously the quality of the wines . "

WHERE TO MEET the consortium Patrimoine des Terroirs IN 2013 :
- Prowein in MARCH ( in germany)
- Vinexpo Bordeaux in June
- or when you want in France in one of their estate for a visit, a tasting and meeting.