2009 coming in: "cool climate"

Every year they are awaited in anticipation—the new themes at the ProWein tasting zone for red and white wines. The spacious tasting area is the trademark of this leading trade fair, which is organised in cooperation with the trade magazine "Weinwirtschaft" from Meininger Publishing, and is unique in its dimensions. More than 1,000 wines from around the globe are available for open tasting. Nowhere else do trade visitors have the opportunity to explore such an extensive assortment of wines and to learn about market-relevant trends in a stress-free environment. More than 80 percent of ProWein visitors use the tasting zone as a valuable and indispensable orientation aid.

En vogue: red wines from "cool climate" regions
In the red wine sector the focus at the tasting zone of this upcoming ProWein will be on wines with moderate alcohol content—no more than 13% by volume—from so-called "cool climate" regions. Consumers are leaning toward fresh, palatable red wines with clear fruit. Therefore, red wine growing in mod-erate climate zones is gaining importance around the globe. In order to produce red wines with moderate alcohol content in hot climates, red wines are migrating to higher mountain regions with cooler climates or to valleys that maintain more moderate temperatures due to ocean and air currents.

White burgundy: acquire the taste
In the white wine sector, ProWein 2009 visitors can use the tasting zone to dive into the world of burgundy wines. The flavour spectrum of burgundy varietals such as pinot gris, pinot blanc or chardonnay is immense. It spreads from fizzy wines with gentle fruit and fresh citrus, apple or melon aroma, to dense, very rich white wines with soft walnut, honey or chocolate aromas. The white burgundy varietals are among the most successful grape types and can be found in virtually all wine-growing regions in the world.