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QWINE srl.
Via G. Regnoli, 107
47121 Forli (FC), Italy

Phone: +39 0543 789911
Fax: +39 0543 789999

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Company Profile


Qwine was officially formed between 2002 and 2003, by an Italian business partner and Kenneth Løndahl.

In the founding years Sicily’s and Puglia’s potential for wines of exceptional quality was not fully recognised and therefore considerable investments in different projects was done by Qwine in those two regions.

Since then the company have in a successful way proved to consumers around the world which high quality the wines from Sicily and Puglia can be produce into and sold at very competitive prices. This experience is transferred into other regions – both better and less known.

Today Qwine is also producing wines from Veneto and Piedmont, as an example. With serious investments in many different regions Qwine is capable of producing valuable products suitable for modern consumption.

Qwine forged an alliance with a group of wineries on Sicily and in Puglia in 2003. Later in 2006 also in Veneto and in 2007 as well in Piedmont, Marche and Abruzzo with the purpose of producing and supplying major retail points, inside as well as outside Europe.

Within our team, we have different winemakers, consultants and a well-educated staff.