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S. Delafont SAS Vinipartner
ZA Mas David Chemin du Cimetière
30360 Vézénobres, France

Phone: +33 4 66569478
Fax: +33 4 6602452

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About us

We are "Négociant éleveur" specialized in the crus from the Languedoc vineyards. There are fabulous "terroirs" and exceptionnal vineyards in the Languedoc but not sufficiently recognized.

Samuel Delafont has created S.Delafont Artisan Négociant with a militant approach and the desire to participate in the development of the great Languedoc wines.


We develop high-end traditionally crafted micro-cuvées (special reserve blends) with a profound respect for the terroirs.

This requires the most exacting technical expertise and a share of intuition and enjoyment for each of the steps in our profession.

Our production consists of the following wines: Pic Saint Loup, La Clape and white Limoux as well as a range of Languedoc red, white and rosé.


Samuel Delafont explores vineyards in search of top quality wines that have just fermented. He selects the finest batches from renowned estates. He then blends in French oak barrels and stainless steel tanks with a clear idea of ​​the wine he wants to create, while enhancing the terroir at the same time.

He works a little like a master chef who looks for the best ingredients for his culinary creations.


Another guiding principle is the notion of balance:

Wine balanced between finesse and extraction, generosity and freshness.

A balance between the identity of a terroir and the style we want to bring to the wine.

A balance in human and professional relations with all our suppliers, employees and customers.